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(April 2013)

  1. 01 Apr 13, 09:10:22 PM -
    Netflix May have just won April Fool's Day with its Nephrotic Adventures Featuring Very Tiny Children category
  2. 03 Apr 13, 11:49:40 AM -
    Cthulhu gets honored by Microbiologists via the Cthulhu Macrofasciculumque
  3. 14 Apr 13, 11:44:07 PM -
    Sisyphus is dead. Sort of. + Differences in mine and Sarah's Weekend.
  4. 16 Apr 13, 11:18:54 PM -
    Father-in-Law's car caught on fire, with a pic!, and the OTHER time a car caught fire...
  5. 17 Apr 13, 11:16:35 AM -
    Some neat pictures of abandoned places...
  6. 17 Apr 13, 02:52:13 PM -
    Not sure if this is an poor coincidence or if Fox News Latino is trolling for link clicks...
  7. 19 Apr 13, 10:08:34 AM -
    This seeming blood stain on the outer wall of an apartment building would be disturbing enough, but...
  8. 22 Apr 13, 11:19:58 PM -
    I apparently still have a bit of left-over anxiety from our recent non-move
  9. 24 Apr 13, 04:20:28 PM -
    Third Person, Singular, Masculine. Present Tense. Unnamed. Destroyed by the world that is his maze. Or, my odd writing habit...
  10. 25 Apr 13, 03:38:27 PM -
    Damn, looks like someone told the weather that Panoply is this weekend...
  11. 26 Apr 13, 03:36:38 PM -
    Gary Gutting on what science (and scientific reporting) is doing, and why it seems to go so wrong so often

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