Blurry as puffs of smoke on a foggy day, but here's my "cameo" in the Bighead short...

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Summary: As a backer for The Bighead Movie Kickstarter, I got a bit of a 'cameo'.

BLOT: (14 May 2013 - 10:35:08 PM)

Blurry as puffs of smoke on a foggy day, but here's my "cameo" in the Bighead short...

Got my DVD from The Bighead movie adaptation Kickstarter, and for a short film showing off the intent to make a fuller movie, it is quite a demonstration. In other words, not work safe, not sanity safe, dirty and scatalogical and send the kids (and loved ones in general) to bed. Another part of my backer level was to submit a picture to the set which was to be one of the "Eat the 4lb steak!" challenge winner. There are a handful of winners posted around that can be seen at different times. Here's the shot involving me from about the 3m43s mark (note, it's very blurry and you almost have to take my word for it), which is one of the few glimpses you can get of my photo:

Click that to see a fuller sized edit, which might help. The image, by the way, I sent in, is this one:

That's me looking like the sort of guy who would eat a 4lb steak in a dive bar in the kind of place where the Bighead roams. I assume that's just how I look all the time, despite not being such. At any rate, here's hoping they one day make a full movie and that they don't get sent up on video nasty laws. Fine line with The Bighead. Very fine line.


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