Dickens of a Blog

(May 2013)

  1. 04 May 13, 11:47:40 AM -
    It's easy to hate on The Time Monster, but who doesn't love the Queen of Atlantis's cleavage? With some other commentary and a defense of Jo...
  2. 07 May 13, 12:39:02 PM -
    Don't think I've ever seen a headline continue to get worse with every word quite this bad before...
  3. 09 May 13, 03:33:08 PM -
    Five Behind-the-Scenes fact from our GURPS Victorian Horror campaign
  4. 14 May 13, 10:35:08 PM -
    Blurry as puffs of smoke on a foggy day, but here's my "cameo" in the Bighead short...
  5. 30 May 13, 01:20:40 AM -
    Day in the Life #13148: In which we all pronounce it "road grater", and general musings on shrinking my online habit...
  6. 31 May 13, 12:09:51 PM -
    Hey, the library I work at had a small part (as another library) in an indie [horror?] movie set in Alabama and dealing with weird investigations

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