Hey, the library I work at had a small part (as another library) in an indie [horror?] movie set in Alabama and dealing with weird investigations

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Summary: 'A Genesis Found', an indie movie set in Alabama, uses Salmon Library in a few of its scenes.

BLOT: (31 May 2013 - 12:09:51 PM)

Hey, the library I work at had a small part (as another library) in an indie [horror?] movie set in Alabama and dealing with weird investigations

I was doing some research to find out how people photograph and then share said photographs of UAH's M. Louis Salmon Library [where I work, often called the Salmon Library for short, presumably causing some students to wonder what fish have to do with anything].

In the midst of this research, I came across this photograph:

The reference desk (and other parts of the library?) were used to represent "Hoole Special Collections" [see: the Hoole Library from the University of Alabama] in the film A Genesis Found. The above image comes from the post "Catchin' Up part 5: Homecoming", in which the filmmaker talks about coming here to our library to show off the film as part of a South-East college campus film tour.*

Here's a shot from a Facebook gallery of behind-the-scenes photos:

I'm not 100% what the film is about. Seems to involve some sort of "questions about the origins of life due to weird skeleton and what this means about faith" plot, which immediately demands

Except maybe that should be, "I'm not saying that it's aliens, but it's...God." Depends on the movie, really. I plan to watch it this weekend. It is only $2.99 to rent and $3.99 to buy on Amazon.com, digitally. Maybe it goes full Lovecraftian. I don't think so, but I'll let everyone know after I see it.

As a bit of a bonus fact, the above post on the showing in Huntsville talks about Detective Comics Annual #2(from 1989) that was set in Huntsville and has Klansmen on the cover. First I heard of it, but I might try tracking it down.

* Interestingly, in a trivial antropology sort of way, they talk about using Room 111 to show the film, which is a classroom and and Fall/Spring home to the Tuesday Night Gaming on campus. In the photos, you if you look "back" (in the 3D sense the word, the section furtherest from the photographer), you can see a ia book shelf and a cart and some space to the right of it. Around the time the film was being made, that was a reference area, which was then cleaned of books and Room 111 was placed there as the classroom. One of the only photos I've ever seen of the pre-Room 111 setup (though I used to be a student here, so I've seen it in real life) was from a film that was shown after that set-up was done away with. Kind of neat, to me, at least.



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