Through the Fifth of October, Cryptocurium is offering a "Eye of Azathoth" style Ouija set. Neat.

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Summary: Mythos themed ouija board. Possible prop in a game. Possible conversation starter. Possible gateway to dark vistas where madness reigns. Limited time only.

BLOT: (29 Sep 2013 - 11:40:16 AM)

Through the Fifth of October, Cryptocurium is offering a "Eye of Azathoth" style Ouija set. Neat.

It would be better for me if I knew that we were actually getting paid in a couple of weeks, since a handful of neat things are in the pipeline or near. There's Briane Keene's 2013 Maelstrom Set. There's a potential Ramsey Campbell: Masters of the Weird Tale set coming. There's a certain trip to a certain Crescent City to consider [and possibly to cancel, depending on how bad things get]. And then there are always bits like this that show up this time of year:

For the month of October [actually, a couple of weeks prior to October, too], Cryptocurium's Nyarlathotep's Bazaar is going to be offering one-week-only items. The image above is of this week's item: the "Eye of Azathoth" Mythos themed ouija "board" (actually cotton sheet) with a Nightguant planchette. Through October 5th, you can order through that link. After October 5th, that link might stay around for archival purposes, be changed out for the new sale, or just disappear. Not sure.

I already have [had, possibly, since I don't know what I did with them] a couple of ouija boards, but this one could possibly make a decent game prop. Or just something fun to have around. Not sure. Maybe I can't get it, which is a shame, but hopefully other people will be able to get one and have fun with it.

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