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(September 2013)

  1. 07 Sep 13, 05:44:39 PM -
    The Very Gentle though Smoky Laundry Room Fire, also DoaB recharge and other sundries
  2. 08 Sep 13, 06:23:09 PM -
    How and why I turned Beckii Cruel into a Mask/incarnation of Nyarlathotep...
  3. 09 Sep 13, 08:23:37 PM -
    Doug Responds to Stuff: The Netflix of Books
  4. 10 Sep 13, 09:52:11 PM -
    Pornhub shows off top search terms by state. Go ahead and guess Alabama's top three...
  5. 12 Sep 13, 12:11:12 AM -
    Watched part of a thing about Black Moon Manor, now contemplating the blurring of fiction, authenticity, and parody tied up in modern ghost hunting.
  6. 12 Sep 13, 10:41:35 PM -
    One of my pet peeves with the "I only read REAL books" movement, it's not like real books are quite what they used to be...
  7. 14 Sep 13, 08:03:41 PM -
    A little information on this arm rash I keep talking about and what carpet beetles have to do with anything (with a not-too-horrible pic)
  8. 15 Sep 13, 10:44:52 PM -
    Fascinatingly, two recent music videos combine forest and horror imagery in songs named after reflective actions...
  9. 16 Sep 13, 11:09:00 PM -
    A Practical Guide to Racism, a Review (with a quote and some choice 1- and 2-star reviews)
  10. 19 Sep 13, 12:51:08 PM -
    Oh, god, is this it? Should I click it? Is this the nightmare scenario?
  11. 23 Sep 13, 11:42:05 AM -
    I like reading 1-star reviews on Amazon, it helps to find things like this...
  12. 26 Sep 13, 12:24:09 AM -
    Playnotes for the Fiasco Playset: The Murderists
  13. 29 Sep 13, 11:40:16 AM -
    Through the Fifth of October, Cryptocurium is offering a "Eye of Azathoth" style Ouija set. Neat.

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