Friday Horror Short 7, Bedfellows

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Summary: A late night phone call leads to a happy fun time for everyone involved.

BLOT: (24 Jan 2014 - 09:52:13 PM)

Friday Horror Short 7, Bedfellows

Drew Dewalt's Bedfellows is so short and punchy that any description past "A woman is woken up by a phone call, hilarity ensues...", will require a spoiler to finish. Despite being one of the better known horror shorts on Youtube, it wasn't one I was sure about covering for this series because, frankly, it has as many views as many of the rest of the shorts I currently plan to cover, combined. If you were going to watch it, you probably have already seen it.

Still, it has its own little charm and is the closest to a "trick watch" as you tend to get with these things and I'm sure some of you will enjoy rewatching it. If only it didn't decide to go a little "heavy metal" at the very last second. Shame.

Friday Horror Short


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