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Leisure Horror Titles From July to December 2009 (21 Jun 2009). Probably not useful to anyone anymore, but here is a list Leisure Horror's releases from July to December 2009.

Six Vampire Movies I Can Watch Over and Over (11 Jul 2009). Maybe more than six, now, but here are the six that I can for sure watch over and over.

Doug's Picks for Ten Honestly Effective Horror Movies (21 Jul 2009). I probably need to update it, but here you go.

Ten more horror movies (addendum to the other list) (27 Jul 2009). 10 more movies added to the original list, above.

Let's talk some horror literature news: Brian Keene to be awarded WHC Grand Master and Faber Finds to reprint more Aickman (25 Mar 2014). Brian Keene is about to receive one of horror's top honors, and Robert Aickman stands to get to a boost in popularity as new editions of his books drift up for the centenary.

The 8 Basic Building Blocks of Most Horror (14 Dec 2009). I break down horror into what seems to be eight essential concepts: the monster, the victim, the isolation, the visitation, the consumption, the escalation, the legend, and the twist.

Have you heard of Candle Cove? Like creepy things? You'll need to see this... (26 Aug 2010).

The Missing Disgusting Audiobook Problem (2 Jun 2012). About three years ago I semi-reviewed an audiobook. About two years ago, that book disappeared off the web. Leading us, naturally, to a very common question that I receive...

Sound-as-Horror: an audioscript I am writing using the concept, the scariest sound I have ever heard, and reference to "The Pattern" and "A Neighbour's Landmark" (and others) as example (30 Jul 2012). It is time for me to get around to writing this audioplay that has been in my head. About a strange sound in the woods, and the horrible consequences that result for those trying to solve it...

A faux trailer about making smart decisions in horror movies, plus a bit about dramatic irony in horror (16 Oct 2013). Some people made a fake trailer for a movie called Hell No, about making smart decisions in horror. It's funny, but I need to make one point about dramatic irony in horror.

My Four Halloween Reads: Rickman's Curfew, Clegg's The Hour Before Dark, Cisco's The Divinity Student, and Campbell's Holes for Faces. (20 Oct 2013). There was a time when I would have a stack of books and movies to go through for Halloween. While I don't tend to have that energy, anymore, I thought it would be nice to designate four books as my Halloween reads this year: Phil Rickman's Curfew, Douglas Clegg's The Hour Before Dark, Michael Cisco's The Divinity Student, and Ramsey Campbell's Holes for Faces.

The next big thing in horror...what do you think it will be? I make my guess. Also, a horrible list of horror cliches to avoid, and my better list of avoidable things. (6 Nov 2013). I'm confused by a list of horror cliche's to avoid, and felt I should give you my five things I would suggest avoiding in horror. Also, what's the next the big thing? I take a stab at it.

David Maurice Garrett's Random Horror Story Generator (also a potential RPG tool) (Feb 9 2014). David Maurice Garrett has created a random horror story generator. Roll a pair of D6 few times, fill in the blanks. Give it a shot!


"Could It Be Zombies?". This obsenity laden rant was made one day at work (it was slow, slow day) and still makes me chuckle to remember. Sure, it's played off mostly as a joke here, but at the time, I was enthralled by a singular fact: the way the mall works, if something bad goes down outside, you may have no idea about it for some time.

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Friday Horror Short

  1. (2013 Dec 13) Who's There? [Dariel Hernandez]
  2. (2013 Dec 20) The Stall [Mike Lombardo]
  3. (2013 Dec 27) No Through Road [Youtube/indracole3]
  4. (2014 Jan 3) 2AM: The Smiling Man [Michael Evens]
  5. (2014 Jan 10) The Frolic [Ligotti, Tenz, Cooney, et al]
  6. (2014 Jan 17) The Cicerones [Jeremy Dyson]
  7. (2014 Jan 24) Bedfellows [Drew Dewalt]
  8. (2014 Jan 31) He Dies at the End [Damian Mc Carthy]
  9. (2014 Feb 7) The Facts in the Case of Mr. Hollow [Rodrigo Gudino and Vincent Marcone]
  10. (2014 Feb 21) Suckablood [Ben Tillet and Jake Cuddihy]
  11. (2014 Mar 7) Mama [Andy and Barbara Muschietti]
  12. (2014 Mar 21) Lights Out [David Sandberg]
  13. (2014 Aug 29) The Quiet [I'm With Them]
  14. (2014 Sep 12) Still Life [Jon Knaut]

Friday Horror Interludes

  1. FearNet's "new" shorts and my new ringtone
  2. Horang's Ghost in Masung Tunnel

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Being Sick, School Work, Walking About, HP Podcraft, and sundry other things from the past couple of days... (15 Nov 2010). Not only does it talk about reading Stephen King's new compilation, and the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast, but it also deals with some ideas about horror as a literary genre and what went wrong (all this is towards the end).

Basic Anti-Zombie Know-How

Just on the off chance that you are sane person who clicked the "on Zombies" link and got here and now think that I believe in zombies. Let me assure I do not. This is part of the whole fun of the zombie fandom, you plan for the apocalypse. With that being said, stay vigilant, it may happen any moment now.

Anti-zombie Tech:


The Best Things in Life Are Free: Horror Edition

I have recently become aware of zombie novels for free online, usually posted as serial novels on a blog. I've not read through all of them, but I've sampled them, and they each have something that is worth reading. The first I link to has several links to others (a couple of which I also link to).

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