Friday Horror Short 8, He Dies at the End

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Summary: A lonesome office worker gets asked a simple question in a dark, late night office. He answers it honestly. And all the other, increasingly dark questions that follow...

BLOT: (31 Jan 2014 - 08:59:50 PM)

Friday Horror Short 8, He Dies at the End

The set-up of Damian Mc Carthy's He Dies at the End is simple: "Some day you will die, do you want to find out how? Be honest. Are you alone? Yes or no?" Then the questions continue... "Is it dark there?" "Is it quiet there?" "If startled, would you scream?" "Is the plant on your desk...real or fake?"

These questions are appearing on the computer screen of a lonesome office worker, played by Fintan Collins, late at night at his office, with his back to a dark door and the sense that something is behind him. As he keeps answering them, always honestly, the tension starts to bubble. Is there an ending to this? Is something about to come through the door? Is he going insane? Is he really alone?

It is amazingly well shot to allow the questions themselves to be the primary tension driver, and to bring the audience in to the man's own growing unease. Especially when it loops back around to "Are you alone?" and other earlier questions, even more sinister the second time through. No spoilers about what is going on, you'll have to watch. Best done late at night, while you are alone, contemplating how you will die.

As a note, I will probably be featuring more of Damien Mc Carthy's films on down the road. I'd like to see more of his.

Friday Horror Short


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