You have to appreciate it when a food label is honest despite itself...

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Summary: Sometimes a food company just tells you like it is, but tries to hide it a little all the same.

BLOT: (12 Mar 2014 - 08:22:50 PM)

You have to appreciate it when a food label is honest despite itself...

I love dietary-claim branding like this, which seems to be promising glorious days of great health but kind of spoils the game by being a bit too truthy:

Supports healthy cholesterol levels...ALREADY WITHIN THE NORMAL RANGE.. Thanks, unnecessary butter-substitute! My normal range cholesterol is supported! My wife's cholesterol, which is even better than mine, is like...even more supported!

PS: Ok, I probably shouldn't be giving a company shit for making a product that actually has half the calories of butter etc etc, except for a few things. (a) Most Americans told that a product has half the calories of butter and that it supports good cholesterol and going to spread two or even three times as much on anything they eat. (b) The fact that they managed to get the up-in-the-air claim out in bold, sans-serif, nice round letters, and then got the truer sub-claim out in a sharper font, with reduced kerning, all caps so the brain just sees a series of ups-and-downs rather than nice big loops means they opened themselves up for it. (c) On their website, they expand the claim to this: "The right blend of fats may improve your cholesterol ratio when at least 2/3 of fat intake comes from this product or our food plan..." Emphasis mine. You can have health if you make sure 2/3s of your fat intake come from our labs, Civilian!



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