Friday Horror Short Interlude 2: Horang's Ghost in Masung Tunnel

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Summary: No short this week, but something just as good, a creepy little short tale in comic form: Ghost in Masung Tunnel. Turn the volume up, turn the lights down, and enjoy a read...

BLOT: (14 Mar 2014 - 08:09:33 PM)

Friday Horror Short Interlude 2: Horang's Ghost in Masung Tunnel

Since I started this series I've wanted to link to this one, but since it is not technically a short film, I was never sure how to do, you get it as an interlude. If you do not know the "comics" of Horang, then this is a great introduction. He [what scant information I've seen is a "he"] does short, high-impact horror comics by using acting content to touch-up the effect. Some concepts are subtle, some are pretty in-your-face. The blend is nice.

This week's "friday horror short" is Ghost in Masung Tunnel. I adore the tricks pulled to make it work. The story involves a girl heading home by bus, and when the bus enters a tunnel she gets sleepy. She wakes up to find everyone slouched over...and a loud SNAP sound coming from somewhere. Then it pretty much goes downhill from there. This even has a little bit of an easter egg embedded in the code to take it to the next level, so good luck finding that.

[As a note: the active content requires sound, for full effect, and a browser that can handle the active content. If you don't get the changing in the background or the effects, try a different browser.]

There are two others that I know about. Horror ones, anyhow. Probably more than aren't horror. I might share them on down the road, or try a few other horror comics (etc) as later interludes.

At any rate, enjoy...and watch out for tunnels.

Friday Horror Short


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