My banner in Minecraft: Cthulhu on a Night of Blood

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Summary: I have finally worked out what I want my banner to be in Minecraft 1.8+: Cthulhu on a Night of Blood. I worked out the steps for it and have one I can fairly easily replicate. Steps and terminology included.

BLOT: (09 Aug 2014 - 01:25:49 PM)

My banner in Minecraft: Cthulhu on a Night of Blood

Once banners were introduced into Minecraft, I knew I wanted one but I wasn't sure what I wanted mine to be. A spiral is my usual call-sign, but outside of some trick I haven't discovered using Notch Apples [which makes the Mojang symbol and might could be tweaked into a spiral] I am pretty stuck. So I figured, after stumbling upon a slightly odd trick using oxeye daisies and vines, that I could make something pretty damned close to a Cthulhu head. This is what I ended up with, which I'm calling "Cthulhu on a Night of Blood":

The steps are as follows, if you want a similar one:

  1. Start with a green banner.
  2. Use a vine to make a black bordure indented.
  3. Use six ink-sacs on the two bottom rows to make a black per fess inverted.
  4. Use eight ink-sacs surrounding the banner to make a black bordure.
  5. Use cactus green and an oxeye daisy to make a green flower charge.
  6. Use a single cactus green in the center to make a green roundel.
  7. Use four rose red to make a red base gradient.

I'm pretty sure steps #3 and #4 can be reversed with no change, but the rest need to be in order.

Here is what the description looks like in the tool-tip:

As a couple of notes, if you leave out Step #4 (the black bordure) then you get a pointier-head, for those more into squid. See left, below. If you leave out Step #6 (the green roundrel), then you can make Cthulhu smile. See right, below. Now all we need is eyes (player head?)...oooo...and a starry background (glowstone?).



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