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Doug Designed Computer Games

Doug Bolden's Simple RGB Match Game (Blog post about it).

Board Games

Devil Bunny Needs a Ham

Settlers of Catan

Special Deck Card Games

Munchkin Cthulhu [w/ Epic Rules]

Zombie Fluxx

Custom-set Dice Games

Cthulhu Dice

Zombie Dice

Traditional Card Games


Roleplaying Games


Board Games + Alcohol = ?

Chess Drinking: a mixture of alcohol tolerance and strategy (29 Dec 2009).


My vote for the three hardest, but enjoyable, computer/console games (27 Aug 2009). These are three games that I would pick out of a line-up for the crime of being mind-bendingly hard but still worth playing.

My vote for the three best totally free, mutli-OS computer games (15 Oct 2009). Three games that are playable on just about everything (well, two of them are, and the third is playable on pretty much all recent computers).

Gamboy, GB Advance, and Nintendo DS

Playstations 1 & 2

DOS Games

Mac Games

Flash Games

Interactive Fiction

My general tips

Howard Sherman is "retiring" from Interactive Fiction Titles (22 Jul 2014). Howard Sherman, the developer of Malinche's Interactive Fiction titles, has decided to focus on traditional fiction instead. Some thoughts.

The Games

Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventures (Scott Adams)

Short/er/ish IF reviews (linked to, individually, above).


The Day of Exhaustion and weird anxieties being dealt with (and brought up) by playing Minecraft (30 Sept 2010).

I have a bad feeling this will be my greatest accomplishment in this lifetime... [Minecraft] (9 Feb 2012). I made a hedge-maze with a secret laboratory in the center in Minecraft. Good times.

Finally have my own custom Minecraft skin (hint: it's me), and still my favorite Penny Arcade comic after a bit... (30 Nov 2012). Decided it was time for me to get into Minecraft...as a skin. Also, Penny Arcade.

My banner in Minecraft: Cthulhu on a Night of Blood (9 Aug 2014). I have finally worked out what I want my banner to be in Minecraft 1.8+: Cthulhu on a Night of Blood. I worked out the steps for it and have one I can fairly easily replicate. Steps and terminology included.

The Best Things in Life Are Free
"Games" Edition

Cheapass Games are always good for a cheap, quirky night. How much better when you see how much stuff they offer for free! I will admit that most of their free games are less fun their others, but I should point out Huzzah! and Fight! as being good games.

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