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Tuesday, 09 June 2009

(14:19:06 CDT)

Things I Hate About Me, a fun little blog thingie

First was the "6 stange facts" and then the long as crap "25 things" and there probably has been "Name one thing that sorts with every letter of the alphabet that you love and one thing that you hate!". Let's try this. The ground rules. You pick the number of things to list. You keep it light, probably. You can out secrets if you want, but overall this is about friends having fun. Same old thing of copy and paste with your answers and such. Et cetera.

Here is the deal: write out, in a few short phrases or sentences, things you hate about yourself. Seriously hate. Jokingly hate. They can be lies and half-truths, but try and make them obviously so, I guess. Whatever. Pick as many as you want but try and get more than two or three and try and avoid double digits (let's say the sweetspot are 5 things you hate about yourself). Like I said above, this is for friends to have fun with friends and participate in light self-deprecation. If you want to out some big secret or use it as a ranting post, that is fine with me. Just have, you know, fun while doing it.

#1, I hate the fact that I leave every single cabinet door and drawer open after I get something out of them. I will walk into the kitchen have a sea of traps floating there. I have no idea why I do this, but it annoys the piss out of me.

#2, I hate the fact that I cannot help but to give advice, even when the back of my head is screaming "Shut up, they don't want advice!" The same can be said about my random smartassery ("Your face was a smartass last night!") which strangely seems to come from the same core. Sorry about that, guys.

#3, I hate the fact that I go on this buying binges and cannot stop, for things that I will appreciate in five months time but will not likely adore as passionately as when I spent a hundred dollars on a handful of movies from some genre. Or books from some region. Et cetera.

#4, I hate that I spend slightly more time worrying about books than reading them.

#5, I hate that I always feel like I am wasting money and/or time if I do not get the largest possible portion size at a restaurant. Seriously, at least a fair portion of my bulging figure is due to the fact that I feel guilty if I don't upsize a meal, or don't get the double portions instead of the single. This bugs the crap out of me, because even when I avoid this trap, I still feel guilty. Lately I have been doing a whole lot better on the "end side" of this, not getting the biggest portions, but I still want to...

Ok, for those of you want to play, I suppose it is your turn.

Si Vales, Valeo


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