Day One: Let's call it an outlier

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Thursday, 02 July 2009

(01:56:41 CDT)

Day One: Let's call it an outlier

If today was any indication, then the experiment will be a rousing success and I should published and world famous come next Thursday. I assume it is a little of an outlier, but today I:

  • Read several articles in the current Journal of Documentation
  • Listened to special reports on NPR about the medicine and about new diesel models
  • Read a handful of articles about Library management and libraries in the news, including finally finding out the whole story of what was up with the "Baby Be-Bop" burning. It's almost stupider than I made it sound, but it makes a little bit more sense...
  • Finished my 70 page project and organized it including some good and thorough bits
  • Read an interesting short article about how to teach children how to ask and answer questions
  • Helped a couple of students with fairly trick research questions
  • Watched and awesome American Masters special on Garrison Keillor
  • Had a three hour conversation about reflectivity in literature, the cycle of knowledge as opposed to the cycle of salvation in the Bible, the importance of a good ending and the overvaluation of a good opening in novels, fluff reads versus fluff reads that are still the cream of the crop, the fact that Ray Bradbury deserves the Nobel Prize for Literature (think of anyone else who has a more lasting impact on writers around the world?), that part of coming to grips with live is learning who to be angry at, and part of a sign you are in love with someone is because you embrace the ordinary things about them
  • Read some pulp fantasy and it was fun
  • Got to lounge around in the dark living room with Sarah and not worry about checking anything online
  • Talked on the phone to a couple of friends about things that mattered
  • Got to enjoy the quiet time more

It really has been one of the most fulfilling days in a while. A little Mea Culpa, I did load up Facebook for a few seconds because right before deciding to shut it down for a month, I had set a couple things into motion and I wanted to see how that turned out. Turns out, my advice I left was never responded to (on one hand) but a couple of classmates I had friended had responded, so now I have pretty much wrapped up everything for now (and hey, had a couple of friend requests that I wasn't expecting, so that's cool). I really am, now, pretty much able to walk away without any loose ends.

Well, sure, there are lots of loose ends, but that's kind of the point of this.

So, Day One was good. Day Two will bring up something interesting I read about the three classic stages of rhetoric and how it links to the three classic stages of communication, possibly part 3 to my now week-long delayed articles about how the ALA code of ethics shows up in real-life cases, and it should (around midnight) bring in the second espisode of True Library Confessions. This week, the nameless librarian is up against The New Klan members in "Librarian versus White Supremacist".

Si Vales, Valeo


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