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(July: 2009)

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  1. July 2, 2009: Day One: Let's call it an outlier
  2. Color Me Suprised, the Sixth Hitchhiker's Guide
  3. July 3, 2009: On the Many Ways Language Can Go Wrong
  4. July 4, 2009: Day Four, or I kind of see where this is going (not-Giving Blood, Facebook-22, Better News Coverage Needed)
  5. Tokyo Shock's Double Feature: The Commitment and The Unborn
  6. Poetic License Raises A Star-Spangled Debate, or Rene Marie's Controversial Take on the National Anthem
  7. July 5, 2009: July 4th, 2009 with the Boldens (photos and summary)
  8. July 6, 2009: NYTimes Article: "Future Vision Banished to the Past"
  9. July 7, 2009: Monica Stirling's Sigh for a Strange Land
  10. NPR.org: Social (not so Secure) Security Numbers Issues
  11. July 8, 2009: Have You Ever Noticed, or Doug muses briefly about the news
  12. Videogames the public library system
  13. July 9, 2009: Putting the "fund" in fundamental science research
  14. July 11, 2009: Six Vampire Movies I Can Watch Over and Over.
  15. July 13, 2009: Universal Studios The Mummy Legacy Collection
  16. July 14, 2009: Poem: "The Huntsville Hymns 1. Burning Modernity, or, the five transits out of and within here."
  17. July 15, 2009: Me and Sarah since July 4
  18. Moon (2009 SF movie)
  19. July 16, 2009: Dragonball Z Budokai. One of the worst fighting games out there.
  20. Son of Bag O'Links: News Stories that Caught Doug's Eye
  21. Once more in defense of ramen (beef, cilantro, carrot, cucumber, egg + ramen)
  22. July 18, 2009: Hypnosure! Doug's New and Improved Anti-Insomnia Tonic and Spirit Water
  23. Happy Birthday Alicia! The week-old incident, why I am sore today and why alcohol is "off" for a little while.
  24. July 20, 2009: The Lodger (1927) [Hitchcock Suspense Movie (Available Free, kind of)]
  25. The Mummy (1959)
  26. July 21, 2009: Doug's Picks for Ten Honestly Effective Horror Movies
  27. July 22, 2009: Joe Hill's Which of these three Brits had the biggest cultural export impact and my answer
  28. July 23, 2009: My experience with rehydrating pipe tobacco (a relatively easy process, with caveats)
  29. July 25, 2009: Some quick July thoughts on Education
  30. July 27, 2009: Ten more horror movies (addendum to the other list)
  31. July 28, 2009: Bleak House on a rainy day following a sleepless night
  32. Some numbers about American healthcare
  33. July 29, 2009Double strength Earl Grey double steeped, with extra sugar...
  34. July 30, 2009Informal survey: The rereading of books, stories, and so forth
  35. The "Just One Thing" paradox
  36. July 31, 2009Morning, non sunshine, off to work and an information adage

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