July 4th, 2009 with the Boldens (photos and summary)

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Sunday, 05 July 2009

(15:31:18 CDT)

July 4th, 2009 with the Boldens (photos and summary)

The Original Plan for last night was to go and hang out at the Makeshop for a couple of hours and then watch the downtown fireworks display. What ended up happening was different for two reasons. First off, turns out there was no downtown fireworks display this year, that honor had moved to Bridge Street. Secondly, I had made a post about what Sarah and I were going to do and mentioned if anyone would like to come swimming or hang out they could. I was somewhat in a social mood and thought it would be nice, though did not expect anyone to take me up on it. I was surprised when one friend did act interested. I called up a couple of others to see, and got a few possibles (keep in mind, this Friday night and Saturday morning, making this very, very last minute.

All we had were hotdogs, and not even the buns. Sarah and I went to Wal-Mart (first time I have been in the place for awhile, but we had a gift card that needed finishing off) and picked up some buns and some chips and a few other needed ingredients. Came back here and Sarah made peanut butter cookies with brown sugar (good combination). I cooked a couple of packs of hotdogs, grilled some onions, and cooked a couple of cheap-o cans of chili in which I spiced up and flavored to make more than just run of the mill. I broiled the hot dog buns. I was nervous that if everyone showed up, we would not have enough, which, of course, was unfounded.

In fact, we almost have too many chips and drinks and such left over. Sarah and I are going to have snacks for the week, for sure. What ended up happening was a couple of friends came over and I cooked the food and we hung out. Then, after half an hour or so, I wasn't sure who else was coming, so I went and asked our new neighbor, Ross, if he would like to come over, too. Ended up being fairly awesome since he is a physics geek, too. To add to the fun, we ended up getting a visit from Niko and Mari (back in H'ville for the weekend), and Jimmy was here with a friend from Atmore. Carey stopped by for the first time since New Year's Eve. Mandi and Jon are more frequent visitors, but it's probably been since New Year's Eve they were able to relax quite so much over here.

After eating, we headed down to the pool to swim. Well, they headed down to the pool to swim and I hung up in the apartment with Jimmy, Anita, and Ross. Then, after the Bates came over, I went ahead and went down (with the others) to chill out by the pool. An event only slightly marred by the presence of some strange melted chocolate. They (including k-belle) swam and we hung out for about an hour, and then we all came back up to the apartment, those needing to dried off, and we went over to the parking garage and got ready to watch the fireworks. It was not super spectacular in the true sense of the word, meaning we did not see heavenly spectacles, but it was pretty awesome just hanging out with people on the parking garage and watching fireworks from a few miles away, spending more of a quiet moment with friends than anything like the crowds that surely infested Bridge Street that night.

It is interesting to note that we did seem to inspire a small crowd, at any rate. After we had been up there for about 10 minutes, another family came up (who later said something like "we can get a better view, SNARK!" and ran off) but then some students and another another family came up and they hung out and enjoyed themselves. Why someone would snark about a hassle free display when they just could have went to the source if clarity was what they wanted, is beyond me, but for the couple of snarkers, there were a dozen who just enjoyed the spirit of the thing. And that was awesome. Just like it was awesome to watch the joy light up in a certain someone's face as she watched the distance lights. "Sil..sil...go..." she kept saying, pointing towards them and wanting us to get closer.

I am unsure if we will do it exactly the same, again, but we might. We might try and find another perch next year. The Optics Building or something? At any rate, we came home after the display and watched movies (well, Niko and I watched movies, the others talked and talked...) and snacked more and hang out for a couple of hours, still. I eventually, after cleaning up and noting the incoming storm, got to bed about 4am. I'm still a little "lack of sleep" wasted but in a healthy way. I will likely sleep good tonight.

It was fun, everyone, and thanks for attending.

Si Vales, Valeo


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