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Thursday, 16 July 2009

(13:38:29 CDT)

Once more in defense of ramen (beef, cilantro, carrot, cucumber, egg + ramen)

Once more in defense of ramen, I display this picture:

I like to point out that ramen makes a good base food for lots of cheap, quick meals. That, and taunt my sister-in-law with how awesome my lunch was, today. In this case, I used beef, carrot, and cilantro left-overs (for all purposes, free, or minimal cost) combined with two packs of ramen (about 30 cents), some soy and hot sauce (negligible), one fried egg (about 7 cents), some butter, and a sliced up cucumber (about 50 cents). I cooked the ramen and then drained it and let it dry just slightly. I heated up two cups of water in my electric kettle and then mixed the brother separately (ramen flavor packet with some soy and hot sauce). Then I stir-fryed the roast beef, cilantro, and carrots for a couple of minutes while letting the egg lightly fry in another pan. After the beef mix was done, I added the broth to the pot, let it stew for a second, and then added the noodle in. Let it get back to slow boil and then killed the heat. Sliced up the cucumber (I did not peel it, though some might not like the bitter, so that's up to you) and topped with a pinch of salt, and then put the egg on top of that. Total cooking time (not counting the roast beef) was less than 15 minutes. Cost of the "fresh" ingredients, not including leftovers from the past couple of nights: under a dollar. Technically would have fed two, but I am a big guy and was very hungry. With something like a little salad or some fruit on the side, would easily feed two to satisfaction.

Next awesome ramen recipe I am going to try: mushroom, zuchinni, and onion tempura on a bed of shrimp and green onion ramen.

Si Vales, Valeo


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