School's back up, eh?

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Monday, 17 August 2009

(16:35:35 CDT)

School's back up, eh?

I may have thoroughly hosed my AmazonMP3 download of the new Joe Henry album. Whoops. In all the CDs/Singles I have bought from AmazonMP3, I have had one glitch prior to now (it just locked up, fixed on closing and reopening the program). This time, I assumed, wrongly, the CD was finished. I had given in about ten minutes to download, which is normally plenty of time, and then I moved the album over. Realized after the fact that the album was only about 70% completed. Tried moving it back but it locked up the one file. There does not seem to be a "retry file" option, which would make sense. I reopened the ".amz" file and now it acts all butt hurt over the ordeal. I'll see if any of the mp3s survive. heh. Hopefully, if any, I just killed the one. I can redownload that one without problem. Worst case scenario is that I have to clear the preferences on the downloader and/or reinstall it.

School's coming back up, eh? My work schedule is about to get a little hectic (beginning of semesters are more dedicated to the TAG (technical assistance group) than the reference, but there will be plenty of Freshmen coming in and trying to figure out the library. There are always those who adore libraries and so will come in and be sociable and all. Those visits range from the very awesome the hint of annoying, depending on whether the student is just wanting to be "part of the greatness" or if s/he is one of those convinced that s/he will outbook everyone alive and is wanting to cock fight. Even the latter is not all bad, since sometimes it is fun to tassle with a person in love with their love of books.

I also return to school. I have two classes this semester. The first is about young adult literature. All you need to know about it is that it is a class with Twilight as required reading. The second is, I don't know. It has some name like "Library Information". It could be anything. A fair number of MLIS classes, and I assume grad and undergrad classes in general, have names ambigious enough to make any beaurocrat proud. Chances are, in the distant past, they had names like "cataloging" and "reference". Some still do. Others have names like "Introduction to Library Services and Duck Husbandry, Advanced" and who knows what that is about?

I'm feeling better after the past week of suffering from my too much sun on Thursday. I'm still a little sore in the joints and get randomly stiff in the legs. I no longer have the exhaustion overload, though. That's a bonus. The aftermath did lead to an "executive" decision to sleep off most of yesterday and stay inside with no exception. Got my hydration up. All that. Had I went out and walked or whatnot like I had planned, I probably would still be sick today. I have to remember to not do stupid things when it comes to summer heat and sunlight. My body cannot take it. I can walk in shorts, short-sleeves, and somewhat barefoot in the winter. I cannot go out into the summer without lots of water and a limit on actual sun exposure. I even go a bit wiggy in the head. Which is its own form of awesome.

Well, nothing much to report outside of these things. About to go finish off a glass of now cool Assam Majulighur, finish off a bowl of peach melba, make a quick supper of fried egg sandwiches, and relax some more tonight.

Si Vales, Valeo


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