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Sunday, 23 August 2009

(14:19:47 CDT)

From Gadsden to work, morning donuts, ducks, similar stuff

Class went well but long yesterday. Not a bad class at all, but 8 hours of fairly constant mental stimulation, followed by an hour and half trip back up to Huntsville, is enough to make anyone feel a little less right about the world. Possibly, probably, should have slept on the way back up but figured that would be mean to Sarah. Instead, I whipped out my laptop, plugged it into the car's sound system, and showed Sarah how you can use VLC with your car, then, to play a wide variety of music perfectly fitting any given mood. It helped us to stay awake, and kept our spirits up, but who knows what the cop at the Snead traffic stop (whatever you call the things where they check every car) thought I was doing with a laptop in my lap, tabbing between screens).

Today I am doing a long shift at the library. It shouldn't be that bad. Possibly good. I have a feeling the first four or five hours will be fine. The last four or five hours will leave me drooping, though. Since I knew it would be a long day with me mostly sitting down and doing somewhat intellectual tasks in between lulls (as it were) I figured I would do something to help wake me up prior to coming here. Got Sarah to go out with me to get a couple boxes of dounts, then we went to the park and walked around. One little duck had some netting around his feet, but we couldn't get him to stay close to even grab the netting (not without risking hurting him). A canadian goose stepped up on Sarah, and she refused to back down. The poor goose stepped aside and then hung his head. A third duck came up and tried eating her skirt. It was all good. Noisy time at the park, though, with all the birds and their trumpeting and such. Heh. Kind of pleasant sounding, but noisy.

While there (about 9ish) we saw the morning walkers and hikers going around in their circles with the old ipod strings coming out of their ears. I thought about leaving a donut box somewhere near one of the paths, like on a table next to a cup of coffee, something else that suggests the owner has just stepped away. Maybe with a sign that says "free donuts to good home" or something. Then, when they open the box, it says: "You have no willpower". Ah, good times.

On the way back home, stopped off and got me a tea thermos (thin, smaller thermos than coffee addicts might use, not really mean for tea, per se, but it works well and I will use it for tea) and then can back and went comatose for about twenty minutes before heading in to work. Before coming I filled up said tea thermos. Sencha. A little strong. It is awesome. I love it a lot. I may divorce Sarah and marry it. Mmm...tea thermos.

I had this feeling that I was about to bring out some other insights, some other phenomenolly witty joke. All I am going to say instead: you all have a good one, I'm going to go look up some Russian Diplomat to England back at the turn into the 20th century. Wish me luck.

Si Vales, Valeo


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