Handful of Photos from Sarah's first 10K

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Monday, 07 September 2009

(14:34:40 CDT)

Handful of Photos from Sarah's first 10K

As I mentioned a few days back, Sarah had her first 10k race this past Saturday. These are our photos from the event. There were probably 30 or so taken, total, and I weeded it down to these 9 or so. Photos cut included some I had taken of folks warming up, standing in line, port-a-potties, women looking all sexy in their sweat shirts, and so forth. The kind of thing that might have been interesting in a local article on the event with lots of write up and tacked on vaneer, but under my hands would have been slightly out of focus, pointless photos. I, alas, also had to cut out pictures of an adorable little girl who was there to chear her mom on during the race and a super cute puppy that liked picking up sticks and branches three or four times her size and running around with them.

The days events went as followed. Sarah and I were up there about or slightly before 7am. She warmed up and tried to get relaxed for the hour leading up to the race. The first few photos are her stretching, doing short little warmup runs, and breathing/talking (same thing with her). There is also a picture from the backside of the finish line. Then there is the line-up to start (women one side, men on another) and I have her highlighted so you don't play "Where's Waldo" too long. Couple shots of the runners starting and getting up to speed. This would have been right about 8am (race started pretty punctual). The next shot should be Sarah coming around the first loop (each loop was 3.1 miles long) along with her running buddy. Before she came around for the second (and final), a sudden and super strong rain storm hit, and hence the photo of gigantic rain drops coming down (no camera trickery, I just took a random shot before heading back to the car to protect the camera and get the umbrella). Then, finally, you have a picture of Sarah and her running buddy sprinting into the finish line. Her total time was 69 minutes (I know, I know) which isn't superfast, in fact, the first place runner had completed the entire thing before several people around Sarah's time had completed their first, but is a new record for her and was accomplished without completely killing her (and it did come out to be a sustained 6mph for an entire hour). Congrats to her, and I'll finish it with my chalk rendition of my little runner.

Si Vales, Valeo


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