Scarecrow plus cleaning the closet

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Summary: Sarah and I made a scarecrow! That, and we cleaned out the closet in the guest bedroom. I should have told you to sit down, lest the excitement wash you away.

Sunday, 04 October 2009

(22:41:33 CDT)

Scarecrow plus cleaning the closet

I'm watching a Bollywood movie called Judaai. Think Indecent Proposal in reverse. A woman with a nice husband wishes she was richer and another, richer woman wants a nice husband. Two crore rupees (20,000,000 rupees, which comes out to be about 500,000 USD) are offered in exchange for the husband. Woman #1 goes off and lives the high-life, but begins to regret it, or, if the back of the box is a literal description of what happens next, is actually surprised that her husband is pissed at the exchange. Now. I have no idea how this is going to end. Bollywood likes unexpected death. It also likes overly happy endings. The matrix where the two meets ends anywhere from the #1 getting killed and dude and #2 making lots of babies, to dude getting killed and #1 realizing he was pretty stupid anyhow. My guess? She's going to want to come back. He's going to go all "Nuh uh, beyotch!" and then, in a later, scene, is going to show back up with their kids and and #2 is going to realize you shouldn't ever buy people. I'll not tell you if I am wrong, you'll have to watch all, oh, 2:45 yourself (yep, nearly three hours long, I'm only planning to hit up the first hour tonight).

I'm also drinking an oolong tea with cocunut milk. It's pretty good. I think it should be a drip sweeter, but I cannot complain. It's also fairly healthy, so that's a plus.

Friday night, after work, Sarah and I went out to Crickets in Madison and had some of their awesome wings. Really, they do have the most awesome wings around. While there, though, we sat outside and watched a crapton of teenagers goof-off in the parking lot ("Give me my five dollars, Levi!" and "YOU ROLLED MY PHONE, MAN!"...for half an hour, with little variation). We also watched them escort out one of the owners in handcuffs. By them, I mean the police. We have no idea what is up. I've checked the newspaper the past couple of days, and have seen pretty much seen nothing.

On Saturday, Sarah went out to Grant to help her parents do a yardsale. It went ok. 5 out of 10. 2 and 1/2 stars. C-. She got sunburned (was in the sun for several hours) and they made lots of money. She got her starter fixed, if by fixed you mean that it screws up in a different way than how it had been screwing up. She also got exhausted. I was supposed to go, but essentially couldn't. I was simply too tired and too out of it to even try. Thanks to her for taking that brunt for me. At the time plans were being made, I was technically "on call" because I had compiled some data sheets for a professor and had not heard back if they were sufficient. He e-mailed me back, later, and said they were; so I got to spend the morning somewhat relaxed. I was too tired to do much, besides stare straight ahead, but I made the best of it.

Later that night we got the stuff to make a scarecrow. He is, I would say, 90% complete. We have the body, but no hands yet. The face could go either way. We have a face, but I'm not sure we'll stick with it. It was fun. We'll also have two-three Jack O' Lanterns, and some other stuff for funsies.

Today, we cleaned out a couple of closets. The amount of stuff thrown away and/or set aside for the thrift store was astounding. Literally astounding. I am talking nearly 75kg worth of stuff was discarded. That's not including the stuff we kept and put back into the place. Man.

And if that weekend sounds like it sucked, not true. It was just, well, especially married. Oh, and if you want to eat at Steak & Shake on Sunday, beat the church crowd, apparently. Good lord, but they wanted some malts.

Coming up next: Doug plans to read four horror novels in four days. Can he do it? Stay tuned.

Si Vales, Valeo


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