Snow Day in Alabama in three paragraphs and four photographs

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Summary: Alabama got a fair amount of snow today. It was pleasant while it lasted but it did die out well before I thought it was going to, meaning no blizzardy snowed-ins or anything. Ah, well, c'est la snow and all that. Also, championship ballgames that I did not watching, some more Doctor Who, and the joy of finding headphones that fit. Oh, and a couple couple photos of today.

Friday, 08 January 2010

(00:55:32 CST)

Snow Day in Alabama in three paragraphs and four photographs

Next week, my world will turn back on. I am thrilled by this fact, I promise you. Years ago, had you told me that the human mind can reach a point where it needs to be a cog in the machine, where it needs to input necessity and output productivity, I would have laughed. You would have been having a go at my expense. I remember sitting in Madison Hall round about Summer of 2002 near some loungish bit or drink machine bit and studying linear algebra in the middle of the day and there was a guy in his polo shirt and his khaki shorts talking about how he was off work for a few days and it was driving him mad and his buddy was going on about how he understood. "Wasted days," was a plague and bane upon their existence. How I chuckled at them, in my smug laziness. What have I become? One of them? Oh dear. At least I get things on a to-do list that aren't "Skip class, again". All in all, it worked out.

Snow fell today. Not a great volume of it. Well. I don't know the volume of it. To be honest, if you were take the hundreds of square miles of snow fall and multiple it by inches and then convert into square decimeters or something, you would get "a bit and then some" as an answer. However, no great depth of snow fell. Just a squash bit. Not even three fingers deep, as we say in the trade. I did take some lovely pictures, though, and many more not lovely ones. My four favorites are found below. The fifth should be, currently (though maybe not if you read this later) found to the left. My current profile shot.

Other things did today were not productive, unless you consider self-entertainment and staying warm productive. I spent more money on more headphones, and found a nice pair (I take headphones more seriously than you, most likely, it's a curse). I picked up a cheap collection of old Martial Arts movies. Not sure why. I also picked seven movies at discount rates in which the name George Lucas shows up. I'll let you solve which for yourselves. Then a bit of old Doctor Who ("Black Orchid" from the Peter Davidson days) and some new DW (first few episodes from the fourth series). Then, I watched a bit of the old BCS game. Go on my school. Good job. Hip hip hurrah! All that school pride and such. It was a fabulous win, but it felt cheap, too. A series of errors in the last few minutes cost U o' T dearly. Bama was there to profit from those errors and it cashed those checks well, but nevertheless, it did not feel as pristine as I would hope. Still, while sitting there, the number one primary thought going through my head was not about football, but about all those football fans on their knees (at least mentally prostrating themselves before the old Almighty) and begging, "Jesus, just this one. Give us just this one."

And that was my day.

Si Vales, Valeo

Fountainblue's courtyard is covered in a very fine blanket of snow, taken around 9am

Shot of the parking lot and the steps leading down to it with some tracks

Sarah in her hat in coat standing out in the snow

Cindy was out in the snow for only a few seconds, this is her only contribution to the footprints

You can also see a larger version of the first pic and an awesome pic of Sarah catching snowflakes on her tongue.


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