I feel angry about things today (mostly politics, but others too). What angers, and what makes me happy to balance it out.

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Summary: This is my post about things that anger me, and things that hopefully balance it out.

Monday, 01 February 2010

(13:28:20 CST)

I feel angry about things today (mostly politics, but others too). What angers, and what makes me happy to balance it out.

I'm having something like an emotional roller-coaster of the day. While of series of absolutely awesome things keep occuring, a series of not so awesome things occur alongside. Listen to me rant, dear readers, and I will balance one for one. For every complaint, I will give a blessing from the day:

I am sick and tired of our elected officials making budget fixes that affect some later time, as opposed to guiding their own hand. Oh, look, I'm going to spend trillions of dollars, but I promise, after I am gone, if you follow my plan it will all work out.

I got Peep Show series 1-6 today on Region 2 DVDs including all extras.

I am sick and tired of 24 hrs news channels continuing to push the fecking opposite of news in an attempt to discredit or support someone, as though single photographs or sound bytes meant anything.

I now have a "Don't Panic" sticker on the front of my Kindle. This makes me just about as happy as I can be.

I am tired of voters and politicians who continue to think of Party-first. Our country is literally being led by an extra-constitutional entity. We have pissed away our right to get upset about any extra-constitutional anything.

I have a ticket to see Neil Gaiman in a couple of weeks, even though I do not have a guaranteed way to get down there to see him.

I am tired of wars against concepts, with no ending and no defined victory.

After a few weak months, I have been reading just about more than ever these past couple of weeks.

I am really tired of the fact that you cannot discuss anything without it being turned into a pointless exercise of rules lawyering (by people who do not know the rules), definition shifting, and impassioned but broken pathos spewed out by people whose sole vested interest in most of these arguments seems to be to justify those who are using them to get what they want.

In rebuttal...I don't know. I don't quite have anything in rebuttal...except that I am happy that I can turn off my webbrowser and ignore just about all of it...because so few of these arguments survive past a Facebook post, Tweet, or brief foray into a message board.

Si Vales, Valeo


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