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(March 2012)

  1. 06 Mar 12, 10:21:03 AM -
    Alabama Rep. Daniel Boman (D-Sulligent)'s insane but kind of funny (in that hysterical laughter is better than crying way) House Resolution 204: CLARIFYING LANGUAGE IN THE GOVERNOR'S PROPOSAL FOR CREATING JOBS.
  2. 09 Mar 12, 09:37:05 AM -
    My In Dreams Anecdote. aka, the movie my brother was in...ish
  3. 13 Mar 12, 03:33:44 PM -
    Sarah and I voted this morning. Who wants to guess how Alabama will turn out? (my guess is Santorum...)
  4. 14 Mar 12, 04:23:50 PM -
    How condoms can be a bother if not outright dangerous...etiquette, assumptions, and all that rubber jazz...
  5. 24 Mar 12, 06:01:59 PM -
    Movie Review: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy [2011]
  6. 25 Mar 12, 12:40:38 AM -
    Tracking down Danny Elfman's "Wolf Suite, part 1" without knowing it, and fixing a broken Kindle book (shhhh, don't tell anyone)
  7. 25 Mar 12, 02:29:46 PM -
    "The family is the cradle of the world's misinformation."
  8. 26 Mar 12, 04:29:30 PM -
    Forbes.com declares USA Today the biggest news source in the Southeast US! Sort of...ok, well...maybe not...
  9. 27 Mar 12, 03:48:31 PM -
    And the award for my next background image goes to...FROZEN DALEK EYEBALL!
  10. 30 Mar 12, 02:24:25 PM -
    The picture I found while searching for small airplanes because I was once reviewing a horror movie, or why certain skin tones have unexpected consequences (GIS semi-porn?)

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