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(January 2013)

  1. 08 Jan 13, 01:03:27 AM -
    Insomnia and the dentist
  2. 09 Jan 13, 12:30:49 AM -
    The Week In Reading, 2013. First Week Out the Gate Edition.
  3. 09 Jan 13, 04:58:09 PM -
    The best quote in The Woman in White, so far
  4. 21 Jan 13, 12:57:02 PM -
    Thoughts after rewatching The Waters of Mars (Doctor Who)
  5. 22 Jan 13, 09:29:10 PM -
    Day in the Life 13021, Yet Another Day with the Dentist (explained) and some archival bits (plus others, surely, though maybe just the hummus)
  6. 25 Jan 13, 04:41:58 PM -
    So, I've decided to embark on a couple of weeks of poetry experiment-ish...in progress
  7. 27 Jan 13, 10:56:46 PM -
    Our tremulus game write-up: Ebon Eaves as a dying industrial town in the South (part 1)
  8. 29 Jan 13, 10:27:31 PM -
    Day in the Life, #13028: Stuff. Or, identifying with labels (or not), the weird ways I am like my father, and etc yadda etc.
  9. 30 Jan 13, 01:55:20 PM -
    Proof that my self-proclaimed hydrophobic cat doesn't mind water so much when she thinks no one is looking

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