So, I've decided to embark on a couple of weeks of poetry progress

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Summary: Haven't written a poem in a while, this is one way to correct that: every day, a 10 line poem, building up to a fuller 140 line (ish) poem (ish) by the end of two weeks.

BLOT: (25 Jan 2013 - 04:41:58 PM)

So, I've decided to embark on a couple of weeks of poetry progress

On Wednesday, I had an idea: write a 10 line poem in about 10 minutes and post it. Then I had another idea, keep doing this every day, for two weeks. Then I had the best idea, do this in media res, so to speak, and link to the live document where viewers can read and, Azathoth be merciful, even comment on the strange half work on progress (commenting might require having a Google account, and if it gets weird or doesn't work well, it might be disabled though right now I'll try and keep it on for all two weeks). Except it won't be precisely in progress, because here are the rules, for myself:

  1. One entry per day, every day, from January 23, 2013 to Febuary 6, 2013 (assuming I counted right in my head).
  2. 10 lines per entry, though the definition of a line will be changed and morphed a lot.
  3. About 10 minutes (maybe better say to a range of 5-15 minutes) per entry.
  4. No significant editing upon any the pieces (excepting stuff like obvious typos or glitches that break the formatting somehow) until after the whole thing is done.
  5. Link the document, live, so that people have a chance, maybe not too great, to actually be viewing the document while I am writing.
  6. Not really stick to a theme, though plan on letting a few threads develop that might lead to a theme by the end.

Since I meant to post this on Wednesday, there are already two days done. Shortly after posting this, I will add the third (for today, Friday). And just in case you have missed the two times it has been linked above, here is the link to use:

Doug's Fortnight Poem Experiment: aka "the week."

[Doug's Note: I'll have this also posted on the poem itself, but the poem will be Creative Commons "Share Alike", or cc-by-sa. Anyone wanting to remix it, feel free. I probably will do such myself when this is all said and done, to make it more cohesive. I just like/love/adore the idea that if you do remix, you will also share what you remix in a similar way. That is pretty much true of any of my stuff, by the way (points down at the "copyright" notice below.]



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