Dickens of a Blog

(October 2013)

  1. 01 Oct 13, 12:30:22 AM -
    Ah, the spectre of cannibalism has washed up on Syria's shore. A glance back at the venerated boogey-man...
  2. 01 Oct 13, 04:55:49 PM -
    Six Reasons Why You Should Support the Kickstarter for the movie adaptation of Brian Keene's The Cage
  3. 06 Oct 13, 11:21:50 PM -
    Day in the Life, Number 13278, recovering from sickness, an idea for a vlog project that will likely never get off the ground, Parasite Eve, and Under the Skin
  4. 09 Oct 13, 09:29:50 PM -
    A 1904 Vegetarian Cookbook via Project Gutenberg, with bonus question: What the hell is Protose?
  5. 12 Oct 13, 06:59:22 PM -
    Some personal notes about designing a library newsletter (bonus: open source tools and submissions across a department) (extra bonus: tips and tricks section)
  6. 14 Oct 13, 03:01:36 PM -
    The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast Virtual Roundtable on Lovecraft and the Philosophy of Horror (featuring myself as a participant)
  7. 16 Oct 13, 08:47:15 AM -
    A faux trailer about making smart decisions in horror movies, plus a bit about dramatic irony in horror
  8. 19 Oct 13, 01:43:37 PM -
    Combining some ideas from Podcast to the Curious's recent A Warning to the Curious episode, or some weird possibilities of what was going on...
  9. 20 Oct 13, 11:40:47 AM -
    My Four Halloween Reads: Rickman's Curfew, Clegg's The Hour Before Dark, Cisco's The Divinity Student, and Campbell's Holes for Faces.
  10. 21 Oct 13, 07:59:52 AM -
    Horror Short: Wendigo (2012, by Colin Hinckley)
  11. 30 Oct 13, 07:49:23 PM -
    Phil Rickman's Curfew

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