Horror Short: Wendigo (2012, by Colin Hinckley)

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Summary: Was looking on Youtube for stuff involving The Wendigo (specifically the short story, but curious what else was out there). Found this one about a young couple trying to save a marriage while in the woods, haunted by their own mistakes and a literal incarnation of the wendigo myth.

BLOT: (21 Oct 2013 - 07:59:52 AM)

Horror Short: Wendigo (2012, by Colin Hinckley)

I was curious what was out there on Youtube about Algernon Blackwood's "The Wendigo", pulled a search, and found an odd mix of stuff from readings of the story to short animations to stuff like this. There is also the complete movie of Frostbiter: Wrath of the Wendigo, from Troma!? Holy hell, that's a find.

Possibly my favorite find was a 22 minute long horror short movie, "Wendigo", about a young couple who have gone camping to try and fix their collapsing relationship. Along the way, weird glimpses of bad-stuff start piling up and they begin waking up with their tent in different places, hearing strange noises, and being driven further and further off of the path. The primary source of horror is a thin, dark creature that blends into the trees in the distance, the eponymous wendigo. There are elements that may or may not come from several contemporary horror sources ranging fromRamsey Campbell's fiction to House of Leaves to The Blair Witch Project to Slenderman to "Children of the Corn". Overall, a fair mix only mildly spoiled by unrequited [though later explained] bitchiness. For all of the emotional turmoil, the movie does a poor job at tying this turmoil to the horror plot, ending up with the sensation that any couple, or any pair of people for that matter, could have been put into their place. Still, this criticism aside, it is well worth the 22+ minutes it takes to watch. I'd give it a 5/8, +1 for those who like inspired indies, -1 for those who have unpleasant reactions to people ignoring basic forest safety tips.

The movie is written and directed by Colin Hinckley, edited and shot by Clark Glennon, produced by Shannon Ward, and starring Nick Bombicino and Shannon Ward [and Riley Goodemote as the wendigo].

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