Dickens of a Blog

(December 2013)

  1. 10 Dec 13, 08:26:24 PM -
    Ramsey Campbell's The Pretence, a Review.
  2. 13 Dec 13, 06:51:10 PM -
    The Friday Horror Short, Who's There?
  3. 18 Dec 13, 02:53:14 PM -
    AbandonedPorn is my new picture-aggregating time waster... [Safe for Work, I promise]
  4. 20 Dec 13, 09:21:49 PM -
    The Friday Horror Short 2, The Stall. A blend of Lovecraftian horror and food-service hell...
  5. 27 Dec 13, 09:38:00 PM -
    The Friday Horror Short #3, No Through Road. With Bonus Short: December.

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