The Friday Horror Short #3, No Through Road. With Bonus Short: December.

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Summary: When a group of friends take a wrong turn, they find themselves unable to make a right one. Eventually, the beast comes down the maze, and the boys are lost to the twist in their tale.

BLOT: (27 Dec 2013 - 09:38:00 PM)

The Friday Horror Short #3, No Through Road. With Bonus Short: December.

If there was one type of horror that I could explore, in depth, for its immediate mental impact on me, it would be architectural horror: the horror of the shape and structure of things as part of the experience. As the name I call it by suggests, many entries tap into interior structures—the most famous being possibly House of Leaves—but there are some strong exterior renditions as well. "No Through Road", the short of the week, is one of those. This is a little bit of a special case, because not only does this deal with one of my favorite horror subgenres, it is also one of the short films on Youtube that got me into short, indie horror clips. Without this one, I'm not sure if I would have watched enough to try for a weekly feature.

The plot line is simple: friends out driving late one night take a wrong turn. Every time they try and get back to where they want to go, they find themselves deeper in the trap. Things get weirder and weirder for them, and then the bad stuff comes. Anyone turned off by a found footage short involving camera glitches and a white-faced baddie preying on kids, remember this predates the excellent Marble Hornets, and the rest of the Slender Man mythos, by something like six months.

Something I didn't know until I was just now looking it up, but there are three follow-up parts to it. I assume they are more of the same, but I'm going to give them a watch after posting this.

Also, while it would be too slight for a full Friday to itself, thought I would share with you a bit of holiday festive horror short fun: December. I won't spoil the twist, but I got it nearly immediately while Sarah took a nearly the whole bit. Your mileage may vary.

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