The Friday Horror Short 2, The Stall. A blend of Lovecraftian horror and food-service hell...

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Summary: In our second Friday Horror Short, we have The Stall, Mike Lombardo's blend of food-service hell with weird old things lurking at the threshold. Fair, though it makes me wonder a particular what-if...

BLOT: (20 Dec 2013 - 09:21:49 PM)

The Friday Horror Short 2, The Stall. A blend of Lovecraftian horror and food-service hell...

Don't worry, the toilet humor is surprisingly tiny. "The Stall"—written, produced, and directed by Mike Lombardo and starring Skot Shaub—is a quick and generally enjoyable romp with a blend of light horror, basic Cthulhiana, and earnest glimpses into the hell that is food service. Occasionally stumbles where it could shine, see the hoodie wearing robbers and the slightly too cliche weird scholar, but it never stays quite long enough on its questionable bits to become cloying. You get the bonus of Brian Keene on the radio as the news announcer and a few Lovecraftian puns [I'll leave you to spot them, but I promise it won't be hard].

Anyhow, on with the show:

One thing I'm curious about is whether, based on the name, there was an earlier draft that was set more entirely in the eponymous bathroom stall. Could have been an interesting effect, especially if the constraint would have forced much of the exposition to be told through, say, coworkers shouting things at him while taking a piss, and so forth.

If you would like a copy with bonus features, you can get one at the Reel Splatter Productions store. Though I recommend spending the extra and getting also the Suburban Holocaust DVD, as well.

The Friday Horror Short


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