Five months after I discuss the strange fetishism of women's armpits, the trend continues. Salon is there.

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Summary: Last September, I discussed how so many pictures of women's underarms were transformed from standard pit shots to something like glamor. explains and offers another picture for the fold.

BLOT: (10 Feb 2012 - 10:45:46 AM)

Five months after I discuss the strange fetishism of women's armpits, the trend continues. Salon is there.

About five months ago, last September, I wrote:

I have found a strange number of websites that use strikingly similar poses to discuss weird body odors...Most involve a woman in a tanktop or topless. Most involve the woman with her arm or hand over, or actually cupping/pressing, her left breast. In most she is touching, or looking towards her left pit. In most her eyes are closed or downturned to such a degree as to appear so. Fascinating.

Today I was lucky enough to find this article on "It's the pits: A middle-aged man says he 'can be sexually aroused' by women's shaved underarms. Our experts sniff at his kink". Which goes into possibly more detail than you could possibly want about armpit fetishism and whether or not it is weird and such-what. It also includes outstanding quotes that only could exist in post-1970s America:

"There are plenty of men who only like to ejaculate with their penis in a vagina," [Chris Kraft] says. "Should we call that a problem?"

Weird freaky people who use sexual organs in their anatomically correct way. Boring people who have never tasted the forbidden fruit of nostril-jobs. Admittedly, it takes a special kind of woman to provide that service. And for those who did not just flee in terror but have no interest in clicking on that Salon link, how about this little extra enticement?:

As for the "why" of such an attraction, I can really only offer you speculation. Kraft suggests, "The thing about the underarm area, similar to the genital area of women, it's usually a covered, private area. To have it groomed and presented, historically, it would have been considered a taboo." He adds that it's possible hairlessness gives you a sense of cleanliness; maybe there's a spark there for you."

Look, I'm turned on by freckles. When I was a younger and more hotheaded, a girl with freckles and a small sense of manipulation could have likely talked me into killing another man. We need to start taking that "Maybe because it's taboo or maybe we think of girls with [insert characteristic] as more fertile or more apt to screw all night" stance with a grain of salty fluid. I'm sure there people driven to a veritable rut by the smell of paint. If we were to catalog the at least millions of fetishes held by the billions of people on this world, it would take a while. If sand pressed on a dude's bottom is your thing, more power to you. There's probably even a website.

Of course, no discussion of armpits for any reason would be complete without a semi-fetishized image of a woman stroking her hot, hairless pit with attention drawn to her lips and her hand pressing down into her soft soft flesh [in Salon's case, the choice of such photo would likely be on purpose]:



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