Sisyphus is dead. Sort of. + Differences in mine and Sarah's Weekend.

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Summary: Sarah and I are back in our apartment, kind of. Also, she went out and had fun and I mixed up work with being kind of a recluse sans a particular night.

BLOT: (14 Apr 2013 - 11:44:07 PM)

Sisyphus is dead. Sort of. + Differences in mine and Sarah's Weekend.

Well, the Sisyphusian task that was weighing down us all through March and into early April is done. Kind of. Sort of. We have all of our possessions within the right location, but not in the right place. In the proper classification, but maybe not the correct genus. This is to say, the boxes are here, but things are still in them. Partially this was to give us time to rest. It was also partially to make up for the fact that we are down a couple of bookcases (due to circumstances) and so will need to purchase at least two more this weekend to get everything out of the boxes. Then, by ye olde gods above and below, it will be done. Probably. I'm sure there will be echoes of this move-out-move-in...again that will haunt us for months. The way that every move has that box or even those boxes that never get unpacked, that sit, in corners, undusted and mildewing, waiting.

On Friday night, we had a small merry party at La Alameda to thank those that helped us along the way. Pitchers of Dos Equis and various foodstuffs were had over a couple of hours with Andrew (who helped with a lot of the last minute heavy lifting) and Jason (also a heavy lifter) and Katie (the latter two provided a large enough vehicle to transport some stuff). It was quite nice, and generally quiet. I think I may have said random stuff, because Fridays are already tiring for me as is, and tossing a pitcher++ of beer on top that tiredness probably made me babble, but amongst friends what's a little loosed tongue?

The reasons Fridays are always tiring to me is because I spend hours, sometimes eight or more, looking at this...

...which maybe isn't so bad, but Sarah got to do stuff like this...

...though being that I kind of hate the sun, maybe that's 50/50.

To add greater distinction between our two weekends, on Saturday I tooled around in Minecraft and fooled around on Netflix, while she went and did this...

...and that looks fun. Not really my kind of fun. Tooling around on Minecraft and fooling around with horror movies on Netflix is more my cup of tea. But to each her own, as we say. Civilized people that we are. The event, by the way, was Huntsville library's Ponypalooza, for the future historians who find this post and need to know such things. The library has their own gallery of pics and lots of little happy kids, including one of Sarah in half-blink, but I'll let you take a shot at finding that one.

And I guess that's it. I did nothing today. Nothing that matters. Except make some good french fries. Real good. That is all. I'm off to read and rest up some more.

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