Me in 2013


Day in the Life, #13028: Stuff. Or, identifying with labels (or not), the weird ways I am like my father, and etc yadda etc. (29 Jan 2013). I'm not sure I identify with labels, and I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about it. Also, the deodorant problem, the stormy walk to work, and why I can't seem to get off my lazy butt and get this blog up and going again.


Day in the Life 13055: Body Chemistry Goes Weird! Happy Birthday, Blue Eyes! (25 Feb 2013). Happy Birthday Sarah and Cinderella! Boo body going weird!


Day in the Life 13071: The very nearly Twitter mistake + taking stock of possessions prior to our non-move which is a double move (13 Mar 2013). Though I don't have many rules for my Twitter usage, I still managed to violate one. Also, Sarah and I have a bit of physical labor in front of us, and I wonder how much stuff I really need.


Sisyphus is dead. Sort of. + Differences in mine and Sarah's Weekend. (14 Apr 2013). Sarah and I are back in our apartment, kind of. Also, she went out and had fun and I mixed up work with being kind of a recluse sans a particular night.

Father-in-Law's car caught on fire, with a pic!, and the OTHER time a car caught fire... (16 Apr 2013). My father-in-law's car caught on fire last week. Any one have a Volvo they want to sell? Also, this isn't the first time I've had a moment involving a burning car...

I apparently still have a bit of left-over anxiety from our recent non-move (22 Apr 2013). My dreams suggest I'm still a little freaked by the non-move.


Day in the Life #13148: In which we all pronounce it "road grater", and general musings on shrinking my online habit... (30 May 2013). Cutting out a habit from grad school has had banal consequences, a word is mispronounced by everyone I know, and some links cleared out.


Day in the Life #13168: An odd way to dream turns slow burn nightmare (18 Jun 2013). My dreams have started to become multi-part.


The Very Gentle though Smoky Laundry Room Fire, also DoaB recharge and other sundries (7 Sep 2013). This afternoon, some old lint or something caught fire in the laundry room at our apartments. Cell phones were put to a use, but not the one you'd expect. Getting ready to put Dickens of a Blog back on a daily post schedule. Also, other things.

A little information on this arm rash I keep talking about and what carpet beetles have to do with anything (with a not-too-horrible pic) (14 Sep 2013). One week ago, I had an allergic reaction to something. Only *after* I had gone to the doctor and started treatment, did I realize it was carpet beetles.


Day in the Life, Number 13278, recovering from sickness, an idea for a vlog project that will likely never get off the ground, Parasite Eve, and Under the Skin (6 Oct 2013). : I was meant to be at a family reunion this weekend. Instead, I sickbedded it. Played (and finished, essentially) Parasite Eve, read some Under the Skin. And this week's plan that probably won't be acted upon goes to...Movie vs Book.


Some background on our halloween costumes, Esme Weatherwax and Mustrum Ridcully (2 Nov 2013). For the first time in years, Sarah and I dressed up for Halloween, as Granny Weatherwax and Archchancellor Ridcully from Discworld. Figured I share a little 'behind-the-scenes' from our costumes, for those interested.

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