Oh, god, is this it? Should I click it? Is this the nightmare scenario?

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Summary: Have the end times come? Are they painted in stage make-up and too-wide shows? How many of the end can fit in a single car?

BLOT: (19 Sep 2013 - 12:51:08 PM)

Oh, god, is this it? Should I click it? Is this the nightmare scenario?

Tell it to me straight? Should I click it?. Is this the bad scene? Is it the nightmare scenario? Has sanity been lost? If I look up in the sky, will I see the strings that ancient, terrible, incomprehensible beings use to make us dance like puppets for no other reason than their twisted prime time entertainment? Or worse, their prosaic-moral-spouting after-school specials!?

Oh....sweet, merciful Azathoth. Save us!

As a note, I do not actually have full-blown coulrophobia. Clowns in clown-places are perfectly fine. However, clowns noncontiguous to clown space is a terrifying thought.

Join me in an exercise. Sit wherever you are, or continue to stand. The bus. Your desk. Your couch. In your bed. Where-ever is fine. Now, imagine, without turning your head, that right outside your field of vision is a clown. Just a regular clown. DON'T LOOK! DON'T MAKE IT STOP SMILING! WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT COAX IT TO LAUGH. The silence is horrible, the laughter is worse. He's standing there, or she, with that painted on smile. And those big feet. And that curly hair. Just quietly standing there. Silent in the corner of your eye. Never look. It is best not to know how many clowns are hiding in the cracks of your house, apartment, office, or grocery store. How many clowns you will, hopefully, never see...

Clowning around...



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