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Weird thought: why I'd chose an apartment for serial killing (11 Aug 2009). Why not? How an apartment might mike an awesome place for serial killing. Not that I would, you know.

Doug offers some friendly quick tips for finding things that are lost (20 Oct 2009). Do you ever lose things? I lose stuff all the time. This is some of the things I do to try and find them.

What's the most awkward personal situation you have ever stumbled across that did not involve you? (17 Aug 2011). We are a social animal. Some people take this to mean that things like break ups, break downs, and so forth need to happen in public. What's the weirdest, worst, or most awkward you have ever experienced?

Hardley Surton, also the picture from his collection that inspires the most questions... (25 Aug 2011). Hardley Surton had a collection of pictures of beautiful women like practically no other, and one in particular leaves me asking...What?

It's a dogs life used to be a lot harder on the puppies in Rome... (6 Jul 2012). How do you find out which puppy is worthwhile? Make the mother decide...set up a ring of fire, the ones she saves first are the ones, according to Nemesianus, a Roman poet.

Oh, god, is this it? Should I click it? Is this the nightmare scenario? (19 Sep 2013). Have the end times come? Are they painted in stage make-up and too-wide shows? How many of the end can fit in a single car?

Random Life Tips

A note to my friends + family: Let's all adopt the Schnell Cell Phone Dropped Call Protocol (16 May 2011). Ron Schnell, who has a number of geek creds to his, um, credit, has a cell phone dropped call protocol: whoever called first, calls back. Let's adopt that.


Here's your hefty dose of paranoia this morning... (via io9) (6 Aug 2011). I really do keep waiting for the government to take over a social media platform and regulate, for our own benefit. I would have put irony quotes there, but you get the idea.

Phone Pests



A (Nearly) Random Listing of Favorites & Essentials

GIN: Tanquerary. Seagrams. Bombay Sapphire. Tonic. The complete absence of lime.PIPES: McLelland's Christmas Cheer. Grand Oriental line. McLelland's in general. Reiner's Long Gold Leaf. Chocolate Flake. Big Spring Vanilla. G.L. Pease's Cairo. Penzance. Tsuge. Meerschaum. Bent briars. Straight corncobs. The Humidor Pipe Shop. TEA: Mao Feng. Kaffeeklatsch (shop). Early Grey. Irish Breakfast. Imperial Gold Oolong. Keemun. Flowering Tea (on occasion). Twinings. Bigelow. Constant Comment. Pouchong.

(and everything else...) Ciphers and codes. Hiking. Frozen pizzas. Giant fighting robots. Cats. Weird colors we get at sunsets. Giving massages (from time to time).

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