David Maurice Garrett's Random Horror Story Generator (also a potential RPG tool)

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Summary: David Maurice Garrett has created a random horror story generator. Roll a pair of D6 few times, fill in the blanks. Give it a shot!

BLOT: (09 Feb 2014 - 07:33:16 PM)

David Maurice Garrett's Random Horror Story Generator (also a potential RPG tool)

David Maurice Garret, a horror writer from Alabama, has created a nifty little random horror story generator that works by rolling 2D6 (for you norms out there, "two six sided dice") a few times to generate elements from a number of categories. For instance, under the WHERE category, you have stuff like:

3 - Town with a dark secret
4 - A hospital or asylum
5 - Haunted house, castle, building, or area
6 - Ancient ruin or tomb
7 - Creepy basement or attic
8 - Cemetery or burying ground

...and so forth. You can either roll all five categories once and take what you get, roll them each a couple/three times and take your favorites, roll some of them, or however you want to use the tool. It is kind of neat, and I've had it bookmarked for a bit. For the gamers out there, especially the GMs, I use these sorts of things sometimes to generate GURPS horror scenarios [and similar, even when I have no necessary plans to play them out]. It's good for the brain juices.

To give it a test, here are three quick applications of it to show what you might end up with [I skipped a couple of rolls that were too similar]:

Not bad. Have at, see what you get. Any other similar tools you've used?

Doug's Note: You can get Garrett's Tome of Horror on Amazon, if you want to take a look at his writings.



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