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(February 2014)

  1. 03 Feb 14, 08:13:31 PM -
    Apparently my natural reading speed is a little over 750 words per minute
  2. 04 Feb 14, 08:10:14 PM -
    Once again in the password trenches, or, take a look at my shiny new quick Python code for making random passwords
  3. 05 Feb 14, 07:09:08 PM -
    My favorite malapropism from Twitter in response to last night's "Creation Debate" between Bill Nye and Ken Ham
  4. 06 Feb 14, 09:58:16 PM -
    My strange series of early [ish] tweets about the Lincoln assassination and Our American Cousin
  5. 07 Feb 14, 11:53:54 PM -
    Friday Horror Short 9, The Facts in the Case of Mr. Hollow
  6. 09 Feb 14, 07:33:16 PM -
    David Maurice Garrett's Random Horror Story Generator (also a potential RPG tool)
  7. 12 Feb 14, 03:49:24 PM -
    It is illegal for non-stores to sell animals in Alabama between sunset and sunrise (barring the passage of 2014's HB5)
  8. 13 Feb 14, 06:33:53 AM -
    University of Mississippi Medical Center has found 1000 bodies buried on its campus...believed to be the old state insane asylum's dead...and it costs too much to move the graves? Oh man...
  9. 14 Feb 14, 08:48:11 PM -
    Friday Horror Short Interlude: FearNet's "new" shorts and my new ringtone
  10. 16 Feb 14, 08:18:36 PM -
    Still one of the most memorable [if not gosh darned cutest] things I've found on YouTube while searching for an unrelated video, and I keep forgetting that not everyone knows about it...
  11. 18 Feb 14, 09:03:23 PM -
    Password Card, a slightly different way to generate passwords and then take them with you...
  12. 21 Feb 14, 06:43:13 PM -
    Friday Horror Short 10, Suckablood
  13. 23 Feb 14, 11:52:56 PM -
    So...I kind of want to run a Cthulhu Live (or maybe "semi-live") game. Some thoughts, concerns, plans...

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