Friday Horror Short Interlude: FearNet's "new" shorts and my new ringtone

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Summary: No short horror film this week, at least not tonight, instead I link to you some of FearNet's coverage of short horror and share my new ringtone.

BLOT: (14 Feb 2014 - 08:48:11 PM)

Friday Horror Short Interlude: FearNet's "new" shorts and my new ringtone

I have a large bottle of coconut sake in me after a long day, so rather than post a short horror film for you guys, this week, I thought I would sort of go a little tangential [but just a little] and point out that FearNet is having a new spotlight on horror shorts. Each is to have a curated introduction. For instance, see, Jovanka Vuckovic's "The Captured Bird":

Hmmm, I guess I did just have a short film this week. Ah, well, not quite the same so I'll still consider it an interlude.

In similar but different territory, I've finally updated the ringtone on my cellphone for the first real time in years. I have used various takes on the Doctor Who themesong for a bit, but recently watched the movie Banshee Chapter, which makes a repeated references to the "Swedish Rhapsody" number station [LGT: full version on the Internet Archive]. That recording is part of The Conet Project, the accompanying booklet describes it as:

The Swedish Rhapsody: This station operates on a rigid and complicated schedule, in both voice (AM and SSB) and Morse modes (M5). It does not operate on Fridays. The operating agency is unknown. R 06/09/93

In the movie, it is a nice little creepy build up to when bad stuff is about to hit, so it was kind of fun to find out that it was a real thing. In an AMA on Reddit, Banshee Chapter director Blair Erickson mentioned that it wasn't made for the movie and that it was an actual recording, etc etc, and so that's when I looked it up and found out about The Conet Project and the links I shared above. Erickson linked to the below video, which is also a short horror film in its own right...

What I did is I took (from the copy linked above) a slightly less than 30 second or so sample that loops well. Then, from the beginning, I took the short beeping sound. That serves as my message notification. The two work well together and though the creepy-factor varies, it still is an attention getting, unique ringtone. At least until all of you download it and use it yourselves.

Well, that's that...I'm going to bed.

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