Friday Horror Short 10, Suckablood

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Summary: When a mom goes to extremes to stop her daughter from sucking her thumb, the demonic Suckablood comes to visit the house and correct bad habits...

BLOT: (21 Feb 2014 - 06:43:13 PM)

Friday Horror Short 10, Suckablood

As a person who reads a lot of short stories and watches a fair number of short films, I can tell you that sometimes short form folk take the lack of length to mean they can also get away with a lack of depth, while the opposite is usually the truth. Short stories and short films often need to be richer, deeper, and all around imply they are bigger than they initially seem.

Take, for instance, Suckablood, a Burton-esque short rhyming fable told with charm and style, about a girl who can not stop sucking her thumb and the dark curse her mom unleashes upon her—"Suckablood, Suckablood, I beg you to come/ and slaughter my daughter/ if she should suck her thumb!". The mood is set, the acting is weird and appropriately timed with the voice over narration, and the whole thing is generally perfect right through to the rhetorical solution and the Pyhrric victory.

There is much more not said than said about how the world and that house got that way, and that's ok, because you can feel the larger world around it.

Almost feels like you could make some sort of strange, dark parlor game out of it, doesn't it? That the players go around cursing each other with Suckablood and then playing their way out of the curse before he gets there...

Friday Horror Short


Written by Doug Bolden

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