Friday Horror Short 11, Mama

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Summary: Mama is an extremely short film (the whole thing, not including title card and a brief credits, is about 2.5 minutes) that packs just the right amount of punch, and asks the right amount of questions.

BLOT: (07 Mar 2014 - 09:05:08 PM)

Friday Horror Short 11, Mama

First off, I missed posting this last Friday because a number of things ate up my time and then we had internet troubles for a long enough period over the weekend that I figured I'd just postpone. Rather than post two tonight, we'll just have consider last week another "interlude".

In the last Friday Horror Short [Suckablood] I mentioned that some short films use their brevity to skip the backstory or to avoid the sense of being part of a larger whole, when the opposite should be true. In this week's case, Andy and Barbara Muschietti's "Mama", the hints of the larger picture are part of what makes the film. Waking up a sister with the phrase, "Mom is back," has never felt so chilling. And the implications are scary and massive. You fill in the blanks, the before and after, and who knows...maybe you have a nice imagination and they all got lemonade. Most of us don't, though, and that means they didn't...

Bonus Guillermo del Toro introduction, which is about half as long as the very short film itelf.

Friday Horror Short


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