Dickens of a Blog

(June 2013)

  1. 03 Jun 13, 09:41:54 PM -
    Sarah said they made a BuzzFeed article about me, holy Christ but she's right...
  2. 10 Jun 13, 09:00:19 PM -
    "The Box" (Hammer Chillers, full-cast horror audio, written by Stephen Gallagher)
  3. 18 Jun 13, 02:30:31 PM -
    Day in the Life #13168: An odd way to dream turns slow burn nightmare
  4. 20 Jun 13, 02:41:36 PM -
    Going to see Primer, tonight. Free at US Space and Rocket Center Summer Film Series!
  5. 30 Jun 13, 12:11:52 PM -
    Two news stories that sound like movie pitches, and a pair of men charged with vandalism for sidewalk chalk
  6. 30 Jun 13, 07:02:09 PM -
    I fucking hate YouTube comments...

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