Day in the Life #13168: An odd way to dream turns slow burn nightmare

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Summary: My dreams have started to become multi-part.

BLOT: (18 Jun 2013 - 02:30:31 PM)

Day in the Life #13168: An odd way to dream turns slow burn nightmare

Last night I had a two dreams. Or, maybe it would be better say that I had half a dozen dreams but only two dream narratives. The secondary narrative, which I can barely remember now, had some elements of social anxiety, and seemed to involve a golden color a lot, but I have no idea why. The primary dream was at least a four parter, and had a central theme of a horror fest being shown on campus.

In the dream, I recognized something was wrong because I knew enough about the horror field to realize when someone was taking things too far. I kept trying to point it out, and people kept ignoring me because I was trying to dance around just how wrong things were because I was never sure that I wasn't just over-analyzing things; and calling out a coworker in such a way is bad for job security. Every time the dream would end, I would return to it, at a later part (more or less, each version had minor differences, at least those I can recall), but the end culmination was me trying to fight off the festival-organizer-turned-killer and kind of failing, kind of succeeding. Made for an interesting paranoia-as-horror, where the monster was only a possibility and there were "real world" consequences for being wrong in either direction. Then I woke up, everything unresolved, but I bet had I gone back to sleep that eventually there would have been another part.

And that's the bit that I find interesting. My dreams are doing this more and more. Not repeat dreams, but serial dreams, more or less. Dreams where narratives grow and change. Usually on nights where I have kind of spastic sleep and wake up many times, so that there is ample time for lots of micro-dreams. Or, well, maybe it happens all the time and the waking up bit is the only reason I remember it on those nights. It is also possible that by waking up, the dreams are entering consciousness, and so when I go back to sleep then the memory of the dream is part of the bit being filed away.

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