Dickens of a Blog

(July 2012)

  1. 05 Jul 12, 02:57:49 PM -
    "Whistle and I'll Come to You" (1968) Review and Mild Discussion
  2. 06 Jul 12, 02:24:59 PM -
    It's a dogs life used to be a lot harder on the puppies in Rome...
  3. 10 Jul 12, 09:09:28 AM -
    Buffalo Tofu (Vegetarian Recipe, with a couple of photos)
  4. 12 Jul 12, 10:09:29 PM -
    A day in the life, 12827: tired while a long stretch approaches, bit of a ghost story kick, and I'm sure other exciting things
  5. 13 Jul 12, 02:16:49 PM -
    A brief note about my day in the life posts (boring, but possibly interesting use of Python datetime)
  6. 13 Jul 12, 04:46:34 PM -
    Looks like this Family Circus book is waiting for a "trufan"
  7. 17 Jul 12, 10:25:15 AM -
    Day in the Life 12832: or, Meant to Read but Slept Instead, Dietary Change, Fiasco, RPGS, and other Customer Interactions
  8. 18 Jul 12, 03:52:21 PM -
    We Are What We Eat (Short Zombie Film Shot by, and starring, Teen(s))
  9. 20 Jul 12, 10:43:14 AM -
    Why an upcoming Eighth Doctor release from Big Finish has me especially excited, and the slight glitch it will create involving the Ninth Doctor's first episode
  10. 22 Jul 12, 05:57:18 PM -
    Fiasco Session Write-Up for News Channel Six, also general system review
  11. 27 Jul 12, 02:44:27 PM -
    Seventh Moon, a horror movie that is greater than the sum of its parts, but still misses too many beats
  12. 30 Jul 12, 01:05:38 PM -
    Sound-as-Horror: an audioscript I am writing using the concept, the scariest sound I have ever heard, and reference to "The Pattern" and "A Neighbour's Landmark" (and others) as example

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