on Divination & Dreams

Posts about the act of Divination

Some quick tips to improve a cold-reading session with tarot, tea-leaves, etc (19 Nov 2009). How to give a fortune reading just by winging it: tips on setting the mood, giving answers, and carrying yourself. Based on things as written and told by various people who do this sort of thing.

How Sarah and I unintentionally caused mild pandemonium while watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World tonight (29 Aug 2010). Not really about divination per se, but I talk about augury and how the omen of a road crossing goose seemed to predict what lay in store for a night at the movies.

Works and Studies about Divination

[Book Review] Astrology in the Middle Ages, by Theodore Otto Wedel (Dover Press) (14 Apr 2010). In Astrology in the Middle Ages, Wedel attempts to shed some light about the transitions surrounding astrology, particularly at a time categorized by the power of the church and a lull in science. He mentions numerous scholars, writers, priests, scientists, historians, and philosophers; and describes the development of astrology from a lost art near the beginning of the middle ages to something closer to a high science by the end. His tone seems to take the subject as a little more sacred than your average modern reader might like to see, but the examination of past attitudes is enlightening as to what really mattered and when.

Posts on and about Dreams

How is this for a weird "dream" experience (19 May 2009). I came awake right at the edge of a dream and had a weird experience because of it.

Up, slighty before 6am, hotel room (22 Aug 2009). A dream about being forced into a menial job by the in-laws, or at least, the wife forced into a menial job by the in-laws. Not really groundbreaking as a dream, but chronicled here because of the impact it had on me then.

My most symbolic dream in awhile: the missing child and double stair-case (24 Nov 2009).

One element of my dreams I often forget to mention (24 Dec 2009). A lot of my dreams involve a hill or a cliffside. Something I've never really thought about before.

This morning's sleep disturbed by a series of events (28 Jun 2010). Brief bit about floods in my dream, and their significance.

Another sleepless night, dreams of hell, heaven, and the labyrinth... (22 Jul 2010).

Um...why dream journals are only a partial solution (19 Sep 2010).

Lucid Dreaming versus my crazy-ass dream with guns, black trains from other worlds, and fairy (maybe?) rescue operations (6 Jan 2011). Lucid dreaming is the ability to know you are dreaming, and all that implies (presumably it is cooler than watching a movie and really knowing you are watching a movie). Since dreams' primary awesomesness seems to be the completely insane and inane stuff being woven together, I ask the question: why not just let it go, man? Includes crazy description of a crazy dream, involving the dead land of fay and old weird trains and machine guns straight up The Losers (graphic novel) style.

My strange recurring dream element (the cipher note), and helping a friend to move (16 May 2011). My dreams lately have picked up a strange recurring element: a piece of paper with mostly innocuous writing on it but with the deep concept that this is some sort of code. It has showed up in multiple dreams, with multiple meanings, over the last half-week. Also, helped Mandi and Jon to move this weekend, at least somewhat.

ay in the Life #13168: An odd way to dream turns slow burn nightmare (18 Jun 2013). My dreams have started to become multi-part.

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