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From Munckin to Doug Dancin, or how I spent my New Years Eve (bonus link to Youtube video of aforementioned dancing) (2 Jan 2011). How I spent my New Years Eve and the next day (aka New Years). Drinking was involved, but honestly it was much more about hanging out with people and playing some of my favorite games nad just chilling and filling human again after a long semester. Oh, and dancing. Can't forget the dancing.

Catching up snow days... (13 Jan 2011). We've had a lot of snow in Huntsville, at least for Huntsville, and not a whole lot of else has been going down. I catch up the last few days, what I've been up to and all that.

The watery assault upon my personal library/study (with a couple of pics)..."> (15 Jan 2011). A leak has plagued my library for a few weeks now. It just go worst last night, thanks to the double whammy of flat-roof and snow. Includes two pics.

2011, The Year of the Weird. Part 1: The Misplaced Package. or, How I came to start checking every box before opening it and met a neighbor. (18 Jan 2011). After the snow-storm turned everything to pause, it was good to get some semblance of play back in our lives. Like packages that had been held up in Nashville for four extra days. Except when I got the packages, there was one extra. And that's why you always check the box...

2011 Year of the Weird, Part 2: The Scream in the Night. (24 Jan 2011) I was woken up from my sleep a few nights back by a scream. I got up, went to investigate. The scream got worse. Then, right as I walked outside, it went away. It took a mild bit of digging, but I finally solved the mystery...of the Scream in the Night.

My Orphaned Bookcases (with 5+ photos) and various anecdotes of the roofleak that lead to them, as well as tips for moving your own bookcases around (29 Jan 2011) After the January 15th roofleak escalation, we had to clear that backroom (ex-, and hopefully future-, library) or not only risk some degree of damp damage to the items inside but also because a good amount of work has to be done to the room. Here are some pics and some antidotes [warning, won't be the only pun used in this one] involving what it means to carry 2500 or so of your own books. With some tips on carrying your own bookcases around.


Back with a temporary pair of glasses, a need for a new gadget, a day of shopping, and other catchings up since January (6 Feb 2011). It has been a bit since I have had a post discussing my daily goings on, so this is one of those posts. In this, a brief synopsis of why I have temporary glasses, about thinking of the future of my gadget collection, spending the day with Sarah, and I guess that's most of it.

From basketball to Agricola, it has been a long day (20 Feb 2011). The day started early (8am-ish) for me and I drug Sarah off to go play a game of basketball. After a minor adventure of finding a place to play, we had a great old time. This afternoon, then, we went down to The Deep to play Agricola with Jacob.


Thursday afternoon. Sun, pipesmoke, crows, and tea... (3 Mar 2011). Spent an hour relaxing in the sunlight. While out there, a murder of vrows started to massing. Unfortunately, I'm an idiot and got the camera after they left, but at least I took the picture of the pipe and tea.


Haven't you heard, bird is the word...Crash: Moonbuggy edition, CSI: Lowe Mill, and other ways my day has went absolutely alright (2 Apr 2011). It has been a somewhat non-productive day, but I have done a number of things. I sit back, catch up and discuss sundries: run-ins with Amazon's Cloud Drive, moonbuggy races, visiting the Flying Monkey, and getting geeked about geek things.

Couple of Addendums, the Joy of Taxes, the Despair of Corporate Interwobble, and Kicking Up the Reading Jam (4 Apr 2011). Had a couple of missed bits in recent blog posts, decided to add them back. Also, today I got really flustered by taxes and by corporate interwobble that robs us of the ability to control our own information, and by my own lack of keeping up with my reading habit.

Remembering (somewhat) Doom. Listening to Doom Metal. Sexy Librarians. And...stuff? (14 Apr 2011). I have been playing through Doom lately, the de facto first person shooter of the early 90s. A game I have never played all that much, but am enjoying now. I am also listening to doom metal, and looking at doomingly sexy books about libraries, and I don't know, stuff.


Catching up after the storm: the cyber-wasteland, how the Kindle was too important to read on, and other bits. Includes some pics. (5 May 2011). It has now been more than one week since the April 27 tornadoes, and the city of Huntsville lost power for several days. It has also been a bit since I've had a real blog post, and so this kind of catches us up. Hear about the cyber-wasteland tribalism, me using my Kindle to communicate with the outside world, and a few other bits. Includes some pics.

My strange recurring dream element (the cipher note), and helping a friend to move (16 May 2011). My dreams lately have picked up a strange recurring element: a piece of paper with mostly innocuous writing on it but with the deep concept that this is some sort of code. It has showed up in multiple dreams, with multiple meanings, over the last half-week. Also, helped Mandi and Jon to move this weekend, at least somewhat.


Let's play the game of what my wife wore to the pool versus what I got to look at, or how grad school wins again... (31 Jul 2011). Sigh...


My copy of Scenes from The Suburbs comes into tomorrow, and my goodbye grad school day... (3 Aug 2011). Arcade Fire's The Suburbs is getting the deluxe treatment, and part of the package includes a Spike Jonze short film set to AF music. Oi, the angstory (memory of angst!). Also, today I finish up grad school.

Three weeks post grad school, or, finally, to what HAVE I been up... [aka growing eyebrows] (26 Aug 2011). It has been forever since I have updated a more personal post. Finally, I chronicle what I've been doing. Or well, not doing...


Big Bugs, Bigger APRs, and other things... aka, Ah, September! (1 Sep 2011). September is upon us, and know, I don't feel cooler. I talk about Alabama insects, current feelings, and dump this or that in your lap to enjoy.


Day 12585: Been having notmares, the lesser book cull of 2011, and finishing Arrested Development (13 Nov 2011). Have been having a lot of dreams lately that seem to want to be nightmares, but fail; planning to box up a couple big boxes of books tonight; and Sarah and I finished Arrested Development, again, last night. That and some other notes.

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