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Articles about everyday things and my day-to-day life, chronicling the year 2009

This is the Year that Was: 2009


Early, planning stages and thoughts about Black Death (13 Aug 2009).

School's back up, eh? (17 Aug 2009).

Up, slighty before 6am, hotel room (22 Aug 2009). While most of the post is about a dream I had, the first part chronicles my Fall 2009 classes.

From Gadsden to work, morning donuts, ducks, similar stuff (23 Aug 2009).


It's September the first, it is... (01 Sep 2009).

Sarah's 10K "race", this Saturday (03 Sep 2009).

Labor Day Weekend and Its Environs (09 Sep 2009).

I think the rainy weather finally caught up with me... (21 Sep 2009).

My Mom's New Beau (25 Sep 2009).

Food that reminds me of home and The Gadsden Weekend Recap (29 Sep 2009).


Scarecrow plus cleaning the closet (04 Oct 2009).

Doug's "frustration" dreams and Doug's attempt to keep up with four TV series (05 Oct 2009).

Mom in something like 4 hours, steam cleaning, the status of my writing projects (NaNoWriMo and that way-past-due poetry compilation) (16 Oct 2009).

Cathedral Caverns (state park near Grant, AL) with my mom, Sarah, and McCoy - 29 photos (21 Oct 2009).

Yet another example of why it is a good thing I do not work in retail or food-service (21 Oct 2009).

Five years and one day ago, an elopement occurred (includes 7 photos from last night) (27 Oct 2009).


The Halloween 2009 Party, and Why I Will Not Be Doing NaNoWriMo (with 7 photos) (02 Nov 2009).


An update on Doug: No voice, not really reading, Doctor Who streak, and what to do about Black Death this year (20 Dec 2009). The next to last week or so of the year brings me a sore throat with no voice, a newfound fascination with Doctor Who, me not really catching up with my reading, and me deciding what to do about the New Year's Eve party this year.

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