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Si Vales, Valeo*

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The Statement of Purpose I submitted to UA for MLIS degree
Like my resume, it helps to give some ideas on where I come from what I plan to do with it.

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A General References to Unusual Phrases I Use
There a handful of phrases I changed meanings of or use more than the average bear. This is just a helpful way of putting them all in one place.

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Doug Loves Sarah dot COM

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This is the personal website of me, William (hence the W) Doug Bolden. This site is mainly just to give me an outlet and keep me sane, but also will be host to such things as my poetry as well as all those little rants that keep popping up in my head. Lastly, it enables me to experiment with formats and such and has taught me oodles about server-side maintenance and programming and HTML/CSS formatting.

For more information on me, I have a personal information page. If you need to contact me, there is handy dandy page for that. The rest I am assuming is more or less self-explanatory.

For those curious, I explain what a wyrmis is at the link you just read past.

Everything on this site, especially my poetry and RPGs, is my original work or I have tried to make it known as not my original work. Forgive me if I screw up. Also, if you want to borrow something from this page (as opposed to "borrow") then read the CC notice towards the bottom. More information can be found in the FAQ.

Braggings, Wishlists and Other Supports

If you find something you like on this website, then feel free to link to it or copy it (read the CC at teh bottom) and share it, or just tell someone about it. I know this is largely something that can remain unspoken, but I just wanted to make it known that I am 100% cool with it. If there is something you absolutely hate, well, I suppose the same applies.

You can buy me something from my Amazon.com Wishlist. There are number of different types of gifts to choose from. I mostly use that for my own record keeping, but if a gift from it did find its way into my hands, I would be tickled.

Or, alternately, go and support Project Gutenberg through donation or just by giving them traffic or by linking to them. They are much larger, more important site than my own. They are an excellent service that needs to stay alive. Any gifts to them inspired by my site, I will consider a gift to myself.

*: A Latin greeting/parting which means "if you are strong, I am strong". A warrior sort of thing, but the principle of "our lives are linked" seems like a really strong (no pun intended) way of showing an appreciation for someone else's humanity. If you don't like it, then you can CHOOSE YOUR OWN ALTERNATE TAGLINE: 1. "My other happiness is paranoia." 2. "The inner is larger than the outer." 3. "The Good Life is one based on love and guided by knowledge." 4. "..." 5. "The future isn't what it used to be." 6. "All rain is sleet in heaven." Just ignore all the other ones. Pretend they are not even there.

For those wishing to get in touch, you can contact me in a number of ways

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

The only request is that you let me know if you are using something from this page (mostly for my own curiosity). This license only applies to original works by W. Doug Bolden (i.e. me). All quoted and referenced works, be they movies or books or other websites or whatever, are subject to their original license or copyright and are the property of their owners. I have made a strong effort to properly attribute them, so please respect me and them by doing the same.

"The hidden is greater than the seen."