Contacting me

The following are probably the best ways to contact me at the present:


Available upon request
[email is best way to establish contact]

Two hundred and fifty-six. Seven hundred and one. Four thousand, six hundred, and eighty-four.


* means that you have to be on my list to contact me [gTalk requires this by default, but in general I agree with it]. Email me most likely and it will work just fine.

There are some other ways to contact me. I do not necessarily check them that often, but if you belong to them I don't mind more friends/buddies. I do have a G+ account, that I check semi-regularly, but for sanity sake (and avoiding a Facebook repeat), I only tend to friend people who I have had previous communication with. Twitter is much more my "sandbox" online profile. If you do want to try G+, see my Google Talk account above for my primary profile.

WebsiteUser Name or Profile

PS: I also have an wishlist, for those who care to buy me something.

*: Just e-mail me. I have some plans for some bot-free ways of posting, but I have not yet decided which I prefer.

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